Salsa Group Lessons

We’re so excited that you’re interested in Salsa dancing! MMA is committed to making your journey with dance both fun and rewarding. We offer all levels of Salsa group lessons that combine a fun and systematic approach that assures your success!

Mixed Motion Art Dance Academy is also proud to be the only dance studio in Chicago who specializes in dancing ‘on2.’ The best of the best dancers in Chicago all embrace the ‘on2’ style as their preferred way to dance Salsa and you should too!

Check out our class schedule and class descriptions below!

March 2020 Class Schedule

*We are located on the third floor in studio 3B.
The entrance is on Hoyne and the door will be open during class hours, please come up!

Here is a quick overview of our class offerings. Scroll further down for a more detailed look at our classes!


7:00 pm:  Advanced Beginner Salsa Bootcamp – 90 minutes
[Enrollment now Open!]
Teachers: Laura Flores and Ethan Lassiter

8:30 pm:  Beginner Salsa Bootcamp 
90 minutes
[Enrollment now Open!]
Teachers: Laura Flores and Ethan Lassiter


7:00 pm : Pachanga Essentials
– 60 minutes (Int)
[Enrollment now Open!]
Teacher: Del Dominguez


7:00 pm: 
Intermediate Salsa Bootcamp
90 minutes
[Enrollment now Open!]
Teachers: Del Dominguez and Layla Bastar

8:30 p.m.Shines Champion and Partnering – 60 minutes
[Drop-in class – Int/Adv]
Teachers: Del Dominguez


7:00 pm:  Spinning Technique
60 minutes
[Drop-In class – Int/Adv]
Teachers: Laura Flores and Del Dominguez

8:00 pm:  Open Shines and Partnering – 60 minutes
[Drop-In class – Advanced]
Teachers: Del Dominguez and Laura Flores


12:30 pm: Ladies Movement
60 minutes
[Drop-In class – Int/Adv]
Teachers: Laura Flores

1:30 p.m.Ladies Performance Class – 60 minutes
[In session/closed – Int/Adv]
Teachers: Laura Flores

Beginner Salsa class chicago

Beginner Salsa Bootcamp

This is where it begins! MMA has a strong belief in drilling the fundamentals. The intentional repetition ensures our students retain the information. Time and again, we’ve seen students grow and blossom into great social dancers because they have built up a strong foundation. Our beginner Salsa bootcamp will go over all of the stuff you need to know so that you can take your dancing to the next level.

Perfect for new dancers or those new to dancing Salsa on2 or have less than 4 months experience.

Advanced Beginner Salsa Bootcamp

And on we go! You should now have a sound understanding of how dancing Salsa works. It’s now time to start learning some more intricate movements and partnering! Firstly, we’ll introduce further footwork patterns, to educate your feet. We will also work on more complex partner combinations that will introduce more advanced concepts. In our Advanced Beginner Salsa Bootcamp, you’ll begin to understand your specific role in the dance. This’ll be fun!

Perfect for dancers with generally 5-8 months dancing Salsa on2.

Intermediate Salsa Bootcamp

You just keep getting better don’t you?! You might feel like you’ve got it all figured out but we’ve only just scratched the surface! Now that your foundations are rock solid, it’s time for you to level up and start really adding some more complex Salsa movements to your repertoire. As always, we’ve got you covered and will keep you moving along and improving your skills every step of the way! We’ll be adding some great footwork to your vocabulary as well so you can keep learning how to express yourself whether with a partner, or on your own!

Perfect for dancers with generally 7-9 months dancing Salsa on2.

Pachanga Essentials Intensive

You’ve probably seen some advanced dancers bust out into some funky James Brown inspired footwork and wondered what it was. Well, wonder no more! Pachanga, modified for Salsa by the legendary Eddie Torres is a funky dance which gives dancers a chance to let their inner groove come out and add some funky movement to their shines! If you feel like you could use some more swagger when you dance, then this class is for you! 4 week intensive 

Perfect for dancers with 4+ months of dancing Salsa on2.

Drop-in classes

Shines Champ and Partnering (Int/Adv)

Oh, you thought since you finished our Salsa Bootcamps that there wasn’t more to learn? Not by a longshot! As a matter of fact, now the fun really begins! Every week, you’ll be challenged to pick up new challenging footwork and partnering combinations to keep you on your toes and always learning new things. You’ll be dancing alongside the members of the MMA Semi-Pro dance company, Pa’Lante as they embark on their own journey to Salsa greatness. There might even be a little “last person standing” shine battle for good measure!

Drop in Class – Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m.

Spinning Technique (Int/Adv)

This is a crucial class to learn how to correct your technique in spins as a lead or follow. 

Leads will have a solid understanding of how to incorporate leading technique with spins and allowing for seamless transition between advanced movements.

Ladies will understand how to use their bodies to prep and spin with control, velocity and precision. Eventually, leads and follows will be able to communicate to each other with clarity, speed, and efficiency.

Drop in Class – Thursdays at 7:00 p.m.

Open Shines and Partnering (Adv)

If you’ve been able to keep up well in our Wednesday Shine Champ class and are looking for an even bigger challenge, then we have the class for you!

Just as we do on Wednesday nights, we’ll present the students in class with some crazy, fun and funky shines to keep your feet educated and your body moving!

We’ll always follow up with a great Partnering combination which will open up new possibilities for you as a lead or follow, join us!

Drop in Class – Thursdays at 8:00 p.m.

Ladies Movement (Int/Adv)

A unique and essential class for the ladies to join together and dance. Students will learn to dance through body isolations, styling and how to use style in your expression. There will also be movements designed to explore the control of turns and spinning…all with a touch of sass and funk.

Drop in Class – Saturdays at 12:30 p.m.

How do you pay for drop-in classes?

NEW FOR 2020!

In the interest of making our awesome group classes more accessible to our students and the Salsa community, we are lowering the prices of our classes for the new year.

You can either take an individual class for $15 or buy a class card a save!

5 Pack Class Card ($14/class)

Use this MMA Class Card to save on your favorite classes at Mixed Motion Art! Use your 5 pack Class Card towards any and all session and drop in classes. This is a great option for those new to MMA who want to try new classes or just save a bit on their weekly classes.

10 Pack Class Card ($13/class)

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