Learn to Salsa quickly with Chicago's best!

We get it, Salsa seems hard right? If you don’t know a CBL from a Suzi-Q, you’re in luck! Starting on Monday, July 9th from 8:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m., MMA’s Salsa Bootcamp is here to fast track you from complete beginner to club-ready in just 8 short weeks!

Here’s what you’ll be learning in this one-of-a-kind Salsa dance bootcamp

Understanding Salsa music

If Latin music sounds busy and hard to make out, we’ve got you covered! We’ll break down how to hear the music so that the dance steps flow naturally as you learn. Furthermore, you’ll hear a variety of different styles of songs and quickly become a fan of Mambo, Charanga, Salsa Dura and more!

Setting Your Foundation

Now that the music isn’t so scary, it’s time to lean some steps! Laura and Del will guide you through the essential movements of the dance, proper technique, timing and style. Take advantage of their 20+ years of dance training and trust that you’ll learn the right way from the get-go!

Learning to Partner Dance

Partner dancing is an art. When it’s done well, it can create sheer joy and happiness! Learn to become a clear, confident and capable leader while the ladies become sylish, sophisticated and sexy followers. Learn to create spontaneous magic on the dancefloor with partners from all walks of life!

Meet Your teachers

5 time Salsa Champions Del Dominguez and Laura Flores have been teaching, dancing, competing and performing in Salsa Dancing and have over 23 years of combined experience. They’ve been through the process of refining their own Salsa dance abilities and have narrowed down the fundamental steps needed to succeed. They have taught lessons to countless students over the past decade and want to share their experience with you!

Discover the massive benefit of having both of these world class dancers available to teach at the same time! Men, ask your questions and learn Del’s secrets to smooth and effortless leading. Ladies, watch, listen and learn as Laura shares her insights on how to follow like a boss and look sexy and sophisticated in the process! One of them alone is worth the money but both of them is a no brainer! Don’t miss this bootcamp!

Mixed Motion Art Dance Academy is a great place to learn Salsa/Mambo. in Chicago. Great school with really knowledgeable instructors. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced dancer, Del and Laura can give you information to get your dancing to the next level! Christian L.

Instructors and owners Laura Flores and Del Dominguez have been an amazing resource to help expand my horizon and confidence with dance. They have the ability to explain and demonstrate different dancing techniques in a way that makes sense to each student. They also provide a comfortable environment for each dancer to feel comfortable and confident during their learning experience!
Grisel V.

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while – I took some salsa classes at Mixed Motion Art Dance Academy and I have to say – WOW! The quality of the instruction is fantastic, and everyone is so friendly – it made the whole experience great…thank you Del and Laura for giving us Mixed Motion Art Dance Academy!!
Richard K.

Work with two World Class Instructors!

Taking class from either Del or Laura individually is awesome enough but the value increases tremedously when they partner up to develop Chicago’s next great social dancers. Ladies AND gentlemen both get specific attention get to ask questions from seasoned instructors. Model yourself after dancers who can instruct and inspire you to be your absolute best!

Enjoy 90 minute sessions!

This is the PERFECT fit for sustaining long term results. Repetition has been proven time and again to be the most effective form of learning movement. In our Salsa bootcamp training, we’re going ingrain the exact system we use to train our dance company members.

You can be assured you’re working in a proven system that develops quality dancers! 

Bonus #1: Access to our private Facebook group! ($129 value)

Interact with your fellow classmates and directly connect with Laura and Del. Take advantage and ask your new favorite dance instructors any question about class and the material we’ve covered. Our students have even used this platform to plan nights out as a group, take advantage!

Bonus 2: MMA Approved Spotify Playlist ($39 Value)

Get a hold of select music that you’ll hear in the bootcamp. So often, we hear that our students don’t know what or who to listen to in reagards to Salsa/Mambo music. No worries! Del and Laura have carefully selected some great tracks that are level appropriate and funky. Get ready to fall in love with Salsa Dura and classic Mambo!

Bonus #3: Video Replays of class material ($180 value)

Our past students often complained that they would love the material taught in class but would forget it in between sessions. Well, we’ve got you covered! Laura and Del will record a review of all of the material taught in that weeks lesson. You can use this video recap to go over the movements from class and take full advantage of the Salsa bootcamp!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the class?

Class will begin weekly starting on July 9th and last from 8:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. Normal classes from our competition are usually only 60 minutes. The Salsa Bootcamp is a whole 90 minutes every week for 8 whole weeks! You will learn your basics and you will set yourself up for success!

What kind of shoes should I wear?
We recommend flexible shoes that are comfortable to wear. Since it is a 90 minutes class, we want you to be cozy! Just make sure the shoes are supportive and won’t stick to the floor, for example, gym shoes.
What clothes should I wear?
Comfortable and casual clothes are a must! We expect to work you out so make sure you don’t come too dressed up! Of course we’ll be having a great time, but prepare to work!
Are there makeup classes?
Great question! We understand life happens so if you miss a class, we’ve got you covered! We do offer a general beginner class once a week which covers some similar material. If you can’t make that class, we also can offer a credit for up to two missed lessons.

Sign up now to ensure your Salsa dancing success!
The next session in on and the deadline to join is on 7/8/18.

Enrollment now open! 

What are you waiting for!

We meet so many people who want to learn to dance Salsa, but never take action to do so. Here’s your chance to dive in and learn from the Best in Chicago. Salsa is the most popular social dance in the world and it’s about time you joined in on the fun! We can’t wait to work with you…see you in class!