Michelle Morales and Brandon Ayala

On Saturday, June 29th, take the opportunity to work hand in hand with Salsa superstars Michelle Morales and Brandon Ayala. They are quickly becoming one of the most sought out couples in the Latin Dance community, don’t miss the chance to work with them!

Here’s what you’ll be learning in these awesome workshops with Michelle and Brandon

Session 1: Shines and Partnering - 12:30 p.m.

Experience Michelle and Brandon’s unique and exciting style of movement. Learn some awesome and dynamic footwork combinations that are sure to challenge you and help you stand out from the crowd!

Session 2: Pachanga - 1:35 p.m.

Is your Pachanga on point? If your answer is no or maybe you don’t even know what Pachanga is, then this is the workshop for you! Learn to add this dynamic dance to your footwork repertoire! Michelle and Brandon can help you develop your Pachanga skills and bring out your inner footwork beast!

Session 3: Shines & Body Movement - 2:40 p.m.

Dive deeper into shines and start exploring body movements and dynamic rhythms to make the quality of your movement richer and more eye pleasing. Often times, it’s not what you do, but how you look doing it. Add flavor to your footwork and level up your game!

Meet Your teachers

Michelle Morales

Michelle began learning salsa at the age of 11 in her hometown Stamford, CT. She first started with Jayson Molina from Puerto Rico and his Rompecabezas and continued her training in New York City, with the world-famous Yamulee Dance Company Professional Team, led by Company Director Osmar Perrones.

Michelle quickly rose to the status of one of the principle dancers for Yamulee, and has performed and taught all over the world. Michelle is now an independent dancer has currently partnered up Brandon Ayala. She is known for her feminine and graceful technique which she has developed over the years, while staying true to her powerful stage presence and body movement.

Brandon Ayala

Brandon Ayala is a choreographer, performer and instructor from Lines Dance Academy in Portland Oregon. He specializes in mambo shines, mens styling and intricate turn patterns. He has traveled nationally and internationally with both his brother Benny Ayala and partner Michelle Morales.

Brandon has learned and studied from world renowned teachers like Omar Muñoz and Adolfo Indacochea and has danced alongside greats like The Palladium Mambo Legends, Oscar De Leon and Roberto Roena. Brandon is also a several time world champion in both junior and adult divisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of shoes should I wear?
We recommend flexible shoes that are comfortable to wear. Since it is a 90 minutes class, we want you to be cozy! Just make sure the shoes are supportive and won’t stick to the floor, for example, gym shoes.
What clothes should I wear?
Comfortable and casual clothes are a must! We expect to work you out so make sure you don’t come too dressed up! Of course we’ll be having a great time, but prepare to work!
What level do I have to be?

Great question! If you’re at an intermediate level and are excited to challenge yourself and try these workshops, then we absolutely encourage it! If you feel like you need some preparation, don’t hesitate to try the Wednesday drop-in classes at MMA which will get you ready for what’s to come. 

Do I have to be a current MMA student?

Not at all! While we strive our bets to be the go-to place for the most contemporary Salsa in Chicago, we also value and respect the rest of our great community. If you’ve learned elsewhere and want to join us, please do, all are welcome. 

Workshop Pricing

Take advantage of our special guests and learn from some of the hottest dancers in the Salsa world! Lock in your spot and we’ll see you in class.

What are you waiting for?!?

The Salsa scene in Chicago is growing by the day as more people find the passion and fun in dancing Salsa. Join us in welcoming two of the brightest stars in the global Salsa community and learn soem great material that will help you further develop your Salsa skills! 

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Enter your name and email for a chance to take our Salsa Bootcamp for free!

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