Salsa Classes Chicago – Work with the city’s best!

Dancing is one of the joys of life. If you’ve always sat and watched other people enjoy dancing Salsa, your time is now! We offer a simple and straightforward approach to helping people go from sitting on the sidelines, to dancing their hearts out! Check below for the option that suits you best!

Dear Valued Students

COVID-19 Update: August 2020. Please be on the lookout for new online classes we will be offering via Google Meet starting this month.

We are still offering private Salsa lessons and look forward to working with our students in a one on one setting!

You can dance and our Salsa classes can show you how!

Our boutique Salsa studio applies a full focus on our main passion, dancing Salsa on2. You can trust that we’re completely committed to staying on the cutting edge of Salsa as it’s done NOW, not 8 years ago. Find out more information on how we can help you feel confident and cool on the dance floor!

Private Dance Lessons

If you have specific goals you are working towards and need a coach or mentor for guidance, then private lessons are for you!  Work with Chicago’s best Salsa instructors to fast track your dance journey.

Online Salsa Classes!

Visit our Online Salsa class site to learn all of the great material you pick up at Mixed Motion Art Dance Academy and more! You’ll find valuable resources, training and new material to feed your Salsa dancing need!

Voted Chicago’s best dance studio!

We were recently recognized by the Chicago Reader as the best dance studio in the city! We’re deeply honored and are working hard to keep the high standard we’ve set with our Salsa dance classes. We’d like to share this honor with our wonderful students who give their best effort and make our work so enjoyable! Without them, there is no us!

Mixed Motion Art Dance Academy Founders

5x Salsa champions Del Dominguez and Laura Flores have over 20+ years of combined Salsa dancing experience. They’ve spent countless hours in their own Salsa development and are experienced instructors, performers and competitors.

They have developed a reputation in Chicago for being the go-to instructors for dancers looking to break through plateaus and fullfill their potential.

Happy members of our dance family
“More than just a dance studio! A place to learn, grow, cultivate a passion and meet some of the nicest, healthiest peeps on the planet!! Run don’t just walk to get there!!!”
thumb_01_60_60Madonna N.

MMA Student

“I took a trial lesson with a ladyfriend at Mixed Motion Arts on a dare and loved every moment! For the best salsa lessons in Chicago, Mixed Motion Arts is the place to go.”
thumb_01_60_60Julian C.

MMA Student

“Del and Laura are professional dancers and it shows. They both have fantastic personalities and will immediately put you at ease and make you feel at home.”
thumb_01_60_60Melody M.

MMA Student

“Del and Laura built up my foundation and skills as a dancer…I cannot say enough good things about them. Great people and you do see a lot of improvement.”
thumb_01_60_60Natasha M.

Former MMA Student

  • Enrich your life with the world of Salsa Dancing
  • Experience the best Salsa lessons in Chicago.
  • Learn from Chicago’s top Latin dance instructors.
  • Affordable pricing options for private dance lessons and group lessons available.
  • Classes for adults of all ages and walks of life.